Fishing & Hunting

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Dale Hollow Lake consists of 27,700 acres of lake surface area, and 24,842 acres of surrounding land, totaling 52,542 acres and is one of the cleanest lakes in the United States. The lake has 620 miles of shoreline.

The average water temperatures of Dale Hollow Lake range from 45-80 degrees and the deepest area of the lake is in the main channel near the dam totaling 130 feet. Dale Hollow Lake is one of the fewer lakes in Tennessee, and our nation, that provide an unobstructed view of nature and natural beauty at its best due to the restrictions of private boat docks and the removal of trees from the shorelines.

The quality of the water in Dale Hollow Lake is important for the Dale Hollow National Fish Hatchery located below the dam. The hatchery is the largest federal trout hatchery east of the Mississippi River, producing 1.5 million trout per year, totaling 300,000 pounds. Dale Hollow Lake is a popular wintering area for the Bald Eagle, our American symbol. These beautiful birds can generally be observed from mid-December to mid-February.

Dale Hollow Lake attracts millions of visitors per year and offers many activities including fishing, boating, skiing, camping, hiking, horseback riding, hunting and much more. The mild climate and long recreation season make this and other Tennessee Lakes popular vacation spots. Scuba diving is a popular sport on Dale Hollow Lake; divers are thrilled with the absence of trash and other debris in the lake.

For more information about Dale Hollow Lake Fishing & Hunting contact the Byrdstown Pickett County Chamber of Commerce. 
(931) 864-7195, Email:


-Hunting the Hollows-

Alpine Mountain • 1, 642 acres
Small game/Big game - Located in Overton County.
Region III I-40 Exit Hwy 111 N. to Livingston to Hwy 52 East 8 miles.
Office: (931) 864-9571
All species open with the statewide hunting and trapping seasons. Spring squirrel - Same as statewide, dogs prohibited. Dog training Sep. 1 - Mar. 15


Catoosa • 79,740 acres
Small game/Big game - Located in Cumberland and Morgan Counties.
I-40 Exits - Peavine, Genesis and Westel Roads.
Contact: JIM LANE (931) 456-2479
Entire areas open on all deer hunts.
Special Regulations: Catoosa WMA will be closed to all users Feb. 1 through last Friday in March except for walk-in small game hunting from Feb. 1 - Feb. 28. Guides prohibited on all hunts. Unauthorized entry or presence is prohibited between sunset and sunrise. During big game hunts, the area is open only to legal big game hunting participants. ATV's and motorized bikes are permitted only by individuals possessing a hunting and fishing license and a WMA permit, from the fourth Saturday in August through the Spring squirrel season. Feral hog hunting is prohibited; boar hunting is allowed as indicated.


Standing Stone State Forest • 8,764 acres
Non-Posted - Located in Overton County.
Region III I-40 Exit Hwy. 111 N to Hwy 52 West to entrance.
Office: (931) 484-9571
Same as the statewide hunting and trapping seasons except for deer. Deer - Same as statewide seasons, except buck-only bag limit during the muzzle loader seasons. Deer count toward statewide bag. Closed to county special season antlerless hunts. Spring squirrel - Same as statewide, dogs prohibited.


Pickett State Forest • 11,000 acres
Non-Posted - Located in Pickett County.
Region III
Office: (931) 484-9571
Same as the statewide hunting and trapping seasons. Spring squirrel - Same as statewide, dogs prohibited. Dog training - Sep. 1 through Mar. 15.